Coffee brewing via Gravity ( chemex), Heat (bialetti stove- espressos) pressure (aeropress) methods are like religious temples.

Bialetti Main

Drip, French, Pour Over, Aero, Keurig, Nespresso, the list goes on. If the range of coffee contraptions on the market is any indication, some people are fanatics when it comes to coffee. And, it appears, equally passionate about their brewing method of choice.

I love coffee like I love my wine. While I can appreciate the ‘high end’ stuff (Hello, Blue Bottle), I need to be cost conscious to support my cup(s) a day habit. That generally means House Blend Light beans from my local roaster, D’Amico, brewed in my Cuisinart Drip Coffee Maker, or a classic New York coffee from the corner deli. Splash of milk, no sugar.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to find that my 12 cup drip doesn’t always make sense when I’m looking to satisfy a single cup craving. Add to that, the Cuisinart, and possibly all automatic drip coffee makers, don’t really produce piping hot cups of coffee which frankly…

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