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Jamaicamocha is a non-aligned coffee broker offering luxury beans at discount prices.

Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is considered by many connoisseurs to be the world’s finest. It is admired for its delicate balance of floral aroma, acidity and full body. 

This rare bean is grown in the majestic hills of the Blue Mountains that rise up to elevations of 7,500 feet. In this hilly, rugged terrain the climate is cool with lots of rain and the soil is rich.


“How to know

real Jamaica coffee”


Jamaica Blue Mountain® is considered by many connoisseurs to be the world’s finest coffee. It is admired for its delicate balance of floral aroma, chocolate, nut and spice tones with low acidity and no bitterness.

This rare bean is grown in the majestic hills of the Blue Mountains that rise up to elevations of 7,500 feet. In this hilly, rugged terrain the climate is cool with lots of rain and the soil is rich.

In a world of varying coffees each with its own story of origin, is Jamaica coffee worth the price? Also where can you get cheap Jamaica coffee? Or better yet affordable coffee that comes with the seal of quality and guarantees? Also how can you know that the coffee you are getting is actually from the Blue Mountains. Well, we offer broker services that absorb the risk, by testing the batches we sell. So you do not get the low quality beans. We do the work so you can enjoy the coffee.


People are drawn to the balanced cup that real Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee (JBM) offers. It’s chocolatey brewing with natural spice and fruit tones.

Jamaica coffee can be divided into two categories Blue and High Mountain. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee comes only from the East of the island and usually costs US$50 per pound (450g) for roasted beans. High Mountain mostly from the west of the island usually sells for ÙS$25 per pound for roasted beans.

Blue Mountain is luxury beans the equivalent of a Louis Vuitton bag for coffee. The classic profile is layered moving from chocolate to spice to fruit tones without bitterness. High Mountain is functional and would represent a beautiful leather backpack without a brand name. The profile moves from deep chocolate to lighter chocolate and spice with slight bitterness.


“Coffee with Chocolate

and Lemon tones”


Jamaica Blue Mountain taste profile should contain chocolate tones with hints of brown sugar and then lemon on the back end without any bitterness. In other words three layers of taste or tri-tones. In reality most cups will have two layers rather than three and offer chocolate and nut without the bitterness. Or chocolate and lemon. Regardless of the number of layers it should be balanced and not taste like hot water.

High Mountain on the other hand offers a deeper chocolate taste in part due to darker roasts but also heavier body and a more masculine profile. Its profile then offers a transition from cocoa to heavy nut with some amount of bubbly acidity and slight bitterness. It makes a cup daily cup but will not usually offer complex tri-tones like properly curated Blue Mountain. Its also less balanced and the swings of chocolate to bitter isn’t uncommon. But there are some great batches of High Mountain that can offer more satisfaction than Blue Mountain particularly for those who want a chocolate affair especially with milk.


Some critics say that over the last 20 years with the rise of Starbucks and the last 10 years with the rise of Third Wave specialty coffee, that other regions have improved quality and now offer cups with similar quality to Jamaica Blue Mountain.

“How does Jamaica Coffee

compare to

Kona, or Guatemalan”

Jamaica finds its natural competitors that specialty coffee in Latin America and the Pacific. So is Kona coffee better than Jamaica coffee. Or is Guatemalan coffee better than Jamaica coffee. What about Colombian coffee. These beans usually cost half that of Jamaica Blue Mountain quality beans. That said, the profile tends to be a cross between Jamaica Blue and Jamaica High Mountain beans.  Two handbags of the same size says nothing about the quality and style. A Louis Vuitton handbag will always maintain its value due to its quality and taste, so too with Jamaica Blue Mountain.

So is Jamaica coffee worth the money? Well it depends. Yes if you can guarantee that the beans are 100% from Jamaica rather than blends. Blended coffee is basically 10 to 30 per cent Jamaica Blue Mountain with 70 to 90 per cent beans from other origins usually Colombia. Blends costs half the cost of JBM or about US$25 per pound but really drinkers are getting foreign coffee.


“Best Brands of

Jamaica coffee in 2019″


Buying 100% JBM from reputable brands is essential. The best brands of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for 2019 include:

  1. Twymans
  2. Amber Estate
  3. Marley Coffee
  4. Coffee Traders
  5. Wallenford
  6. Greenwich.
  7. Jablum Gold
  8. Island Blue
  9. Stoneleigh
  10. Plantation Blue

There are others and the list can adjust based on crop and batch quality. Here’s a list of the taste profiles of most of these brands along with fulfilment.

Coffee lovers might wonder why Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is twice as expensive as High Mountain coffee.

Well Blue Mountain is in heavy demand in places like Japan where roughly 75 per cent of the total crop gets exported annually.  Additionally, the Blue Mountain growing region is entirely on steep slopes. That limits cultivation in an is already limited zone. Its 8 hours of daily mist and fog creates a natural green-house effect which slow ripens the beans. Comparatively High Mountain is grown on flat lands or lowlands which enables better economies of scale. But also the coffee isn’t in heavy demand in Japan like the JBM.


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  1. I ordered coffee about a month ago and haven’t heard anything from you guys . Don’t know how else to get a hold of you other than this board. I’ll be doing a chargeback shortly unless I hear from you

    1. Hey Keith, hope you are keeping safe during the pandemic. Your tracking number is CP0049007422JM
      Apologies for the delay in responding. The coffee should arrive by late April or early May.


      1. Still haven’t received anything. That tracking number doesn’t turn up any information.

  2. I ‘ve ordered some wallenford on 81st Aug but still haven’t got any shipping confirmation. I didn’t find any customer service contacts but this message board.

  3. I have ordered coffee from you over a month ago and nothing has arrived and no confirmation from your side. Please come back to me

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