Jablum Classic 3lb special



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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 100% from Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

6 x 8oz bags of  handpicked whole beans for under US$135 inclusive of global shipping.

Taste Profile: Super smooth, low acidity with hints of spice.
RANK: 7/10

JABLUM the largest and most renowned producer of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee offers a superbly smooth, light and sophisticated taste without the bitterness. Its a taste which the world has come to know. An excellent medium roast, perfect for French-presses or cappuccinos.

The company’s history began over a century ago when Cecil Augustus Munn first cultivated and processed Blue Mountain coffee at Strawberry Hill in 1885, and his son Victor expanded to build the Mavis Bank Central Factory in 1920. It is the largest producer of JBM buying from over 1,000 farmers in the region to augment its own supply of beans. Last year the government owned portion of Mavis Bank Factory was divested to two investors–a conglomerate Jamaica Producers and property company Pan Jam. The Munn family however still has its stake in the business and operations and management remained unchanged.

Nestled deep in the Blue Mountains at an elevation of approximately 3000 feet where the clouds meet land, Jablum produces a master cup which also adheres to ethical farming and ecological practises. SAFE PAYPAL PAYMENTS WITH BUYER PROTECTION.


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