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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee 100% from Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

Taste Profile: Super smooth, seductively spicy nutmeg followed by chocolate and low acidity.
RANK: 8.5/10

JABLUM the most renowned producer of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee just got better. Previously we ranked it as 7/10 but it’s actually on point now. So we literally gave it a rating upgrade.

It now offers a seductive and sophisticated taste. But of equal importance, it offers consistency. We expect it to last but we will also cup each batch we purchase to ensure customers don’t lose out on quality.

What happened! It’s due in part to the new owners since late 2016 which are crosschecking quality and even rejecting batches, according to our insider information. That’s great news for coffee lovers like myself and you-all!

Jablum offers an excellent medium roast cffee and is perfect for French-presses or cappuccinos.

The factory’s history began over a century ago when Cecil Augustus Munn first cultivated and processed Blue Mountain coffee at Strawberry Hill in 1885, and his son Victor expanded to build the Mavis Bank Central Factory in 1920. It is one of the largest producers of JBM buying from over 1,000 farmers in the region to augment its own supply of beans.

A few years ago n 2013/14, the government sold out to two investors–a conglomerate Jamaica Producers and property company Pan Jam. Fast-forward to 2016 the owners of a rival coffee company Wallenford bought Mavis Bank and now runs it to make the largest producer of JBM. FYI Wallenford is the oldest JBM coffee brand, at least that’s the tagline.

Nestled deep in the Blue Mountains at an elevation of approximately 3000 feet where the clouds meet land, Jablum produces a master cup which also adheres to ethical farming and ecological practises. SAFE PAYPAL PAYMENTS WITH BUYER PROTECTION.