Jamaica Blue Mountain July crop

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Wallenford 100% JBM 8 oz bag whole beans

Amongst the oldest  and most respected  Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees. This premium brand offers a chocolatey taste profile that’s nutty with wine and wood hints.

Ranking 9/10

medium  roast |chocolatey| nutty | citrus wine hints| low acidity |

$20.99 + $9.99 global shipping

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Old Tavern Estate by Master Planter ALEX TWYMAN 8oz beans  

Handpicked luxury whole beans. Old Tavern is the Rolls-Royce of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffees. Coffee roasted upon purchase. These beans are increasingly rare.
The quintessential balanced, classic Caribbean cup. Rich low-toned acidity with suggestions of wine and spice; complex without distraction. Its aroma, body, spiciness and fruitiness make this a suburb cup.

Ranking 9/10

medium-dark  roast |chocolatey| nutty | citrus wine hints| low acidity |

$24.99 + $9.99 shipping

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jablum gold 4

Jablum Gold 8oz beans

A new premium offer from Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, amongst the most famous producers in the business. It offers number 1 beans that improves on the mild aromas of Jablum Classic.

Ranking 8/10

medium roast |low acidity| smooth | chocolatey

$24.99 + $9.99 shipping

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cafe blue jan2014

Cafe Blue 2 x 8oz whole beans

The Sharp family produces this and other brands from their Clifton Mount Estate. However this is the only Rainforest certified brand in the island. They run a modern organisation aimed at worshiping the perfect cup.

Ranking 8.5/10

medium roast | spicy | low acidity | rainforest certified

$55.99 + $9.99 global shipping

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marley coffee jamcoffee2

Marley Coffee – Stir it up 8oz beans

The highest grade Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. This coffee has fatter beans than Talkin Blues. This contains the highest quality hand-sorted Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee number 1 beans. It leaves a sweet, mellow, lingering finish without bitterness—superbly exotic when you are looking for the best!

Ranking 9/10

medium roast | low acidity| chocolatey aroma | fruity

$32.99 + $9.99 shipping

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crj orchids1 copy

Coffee Roasters Jamaica 100% JBM 8oz whole beans (peaberries upon request)

Without a doubt this coffee offers the best roast in the business. Its medium-dark and has an aroma so bold that other brands cower.

Ranking 8/10

medium-dark roast | mid acidity| honey aroma | chocolatey

$20.99 + $9.99 shipping

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jablum classic

Jablum Classic 100% JBM 8oz beans

This coffee remains a classic morning drink. It’s the smoothest Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) without acidity. It’s the smoothest profile and its beauty and its bane.

Ranking 7.5/10

medium roast | no acidity| smooth | chocolate undertones

$17.99 + $9.99 shipping

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high mountain 3

Jamaica High Mountain coffee 8oz x 2 whole beans

This coffee comes from the western part of the island and NOT from the luxury Jamaica BLUE Mountain (JBM) region in the eastern part of the island. But Jamaica High Mountain coffee offers a stronger chocolate profile than JBM. So this coffee offers an affordable alternative to JBM.

Its produced by Jamaica Standard Products, the makers of Island Blue formerly Wallenford Blue.

medium roast | chocolatey | hints of spice | mild acidity | full body

$19.99 + $9.99 shipping

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crj + jablum 10 lot

Coffee Roasters Jamaica (5x8oz bags) + Jablum Classic (5x8oz bags) wholesale 

CRJ offers the best medium-dark roast in the business with an aroma so bold and chocolatey that other brands cower. Ranking 8/10. While Jablum remains a classic with the smoothest and lightest Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) without acidity. Its a joy to drink. Ranking 7.5/10

mid acidity| spicy aroma | chocolatey

$185.99 + $14.99 shipping

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coffee three brands 4

Luxury 100% JBM Brand Lot 8oz x 3 bags

These brands range from medium to medium-dark roasts.

Coffee Roasters  Jamaica 8.5 /10 – super roast with hints of honey and chocolate aroma. Perfect for coffee presses which lowers any possible acidity that seems to sneak into this lovely medium-dark roast at times.
Cafe Blue 8.5/10 – spicy flavours more pimento more than cinnamon with low acidity. Perfect for hand drips to accentuate the acidity which mixes well with the flavours.
Coffee Traders 8/ 10 – smooth and spicy flavour with low acidity. Great for drips and cappos.

$66.99 + $14.99 shipping

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amber plus orchid back 4 copyright

Amber Estate 100% JBM 8oz whole beans. 

Truly a boutique, single source brand– farmed and roasted by the Lyn family. STARBUCKS only buys beans from this estate to roast Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. So its definitely coffee super power.

Ranking 9/10

medium roast ground | no acidity| floral + chocolatey aroma | citrus undertones

$26.99 + $9.99 shipping

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Jablum JBM Premium Blend 8oz whole beans 

This coffee is a blend of 30% Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) and beans from the region. It offers a beautiful yet affordable cup that carries the essence of single origin JBM coffee. Jablum is a large coffee company with a distinctive smooth taste profile with hints of chocolate. We are excited to offer this NEW product to the world before anyone else. Please enjoy this balanced cup.

Ranking  7/10

medium  roast | chocolate hints | smooth| low acidity |

$10.99 + $9.99 global shipping

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