Wallenford 100% JBM Wholesale

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain.  Handpicked luxury whole beans medium roast

Ranking 9/10

Taste Profile: Aroma 5/ Body 5/ Spiciness 5/ Low acidity 5/ Fruitiness 4

Comments: medium roast |low acidity| flora + cinnamon scent | hints of wine + wood|  chocolatey

Wallenford® Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is independently ranked as a top brand among coffee connoisseurs. Even Starbucks choose its beans exclusively in 2011 for its Jamaica reserve roasts. Wallenford is one of the oldest and most renowned coffee companies in Jamaica. However it was recently infused with fresh ideas and management which aims to bring this coffee to new mouths and markets.

Deliveries take roughly 29 days for USA and 45 for UK and Europe and 55 days for rest of world. Each delivery receives a tracking number.


8oz x 3 bags whole bean – $63.99 + $9.99 shipping 

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8oz x 10 bags whole bean – $189.99 + $34.99 shipping   

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