Buy Jamaica coffee during shortage like salada

A local coffee brand SALADA Foods Jamaica Limited found out the hard way where to buy lots of Jamaica coffee during a nationwide coffee shortage.The problem was that they bought too much coffee at high prices equivalent to half of its annual sales.Prices have now stabilised and some dealers actually think it will dip in a year

The company said on Friday that its huge J$400 millon (us$3m) build up of inventory a year ago still stands at $309 million as at March 2016.The company complained about coffee prices last year but bought lots of it regardless. The company underwent a change of management in recent years.salada made J$15.5 m net proft on $159 m in revenues or 45 per cent lower profit year on year.

The price increases arguably slashed its sales by one-quarter, year on year.Coffee farmers are demanding more per box due to the impact of currency depreciation on farm costs, and also the cost to protect the coffee against disease and theft. Three years ago processors paid roughly $3,000 for a box of coffee cherry to farmers. Now farmers get $11,000 a box.Salada faced with increased local coffee competition in both the instant and brewed markets will launch new instant coffee products this year. 

13 Replies to “Buy Jamaica coffee during shortage like salada”

  1. Hi,I’m a small internet coffee dealer and recently I encountered a growing demand for real Jamaica Blue Mountain euther roasted or grean beans-would like to do business with you if prices are appealing.Needless to say,that I’ll need you to sed my customers around the globes without any trace of receipt,your specific location etc…..and to show you my good faith -I myself interested in buying some of it to be shipped to Israel-please let me know your best possible price for 100g-5kg in scales of 100g roasted or grean beans with shipping either to Israel or around the globes.

      1. Dear Sir,

        In response to your email of “no problem let’s talk” -I apply to you with a request of prices for pure Jamaica blue mountain either roasted or green.

        Erez Weinstein

      2. Hi,
        Do you mean a kilo of pure JBM would cost me $75 +$14 as shipping fee around the globes ?
        What about grean JBM ?

      3. Hi,
        Curently I have a supplier in south east Asia who sells me sensational roasted Kopi Luwak (based on my asking mode of roast)(wholesale price)for $50 plus $10 as shipping fee per kilo around the globes in accordance with the weight I order and green kopi Luwak for $37.5 per kilo ,so your price is quite high.
        Needless to say that ,if you could improve your offer,I’d love to do business with you.

        Best Regards,

      4. Well do you know of Jamaica High Mountain (JHM) coffee? Its $59 per kilo plus $14 shipping. JHM is the affordable coffee grown on a separate hill in Jamaica.

  2. Hi,
    I know that the Wilford family owns all the Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain -ARABICA
    How can I be sure your supplier is buying from them or their sub-contractor-is there any kind of authenticity documentation of these Arabica Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain-if there is or any other means to make sure it’s authenticity -I’m interested in trying it !
    Let me know.
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Erez regarding your comment on the Wilford family. This is my humble response:
      First off, just to ensure we are on the same page with facts. The Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) trademark is owned by ALL the people of Jamaica and held in trust by the coffee regulator COFFEE INDUSTRY BOARD OF JAMAICA.
      Second, there are 5,000 coffee farmers in Jamaica. Of that number there are about 100 ‘large’ estates. Of that number there are about 30 JBM brands that sell and export JBM coffee. I have never heard of the Wilford Family but I am sure they have decent coffee as one of the 5,000 farmers.
      Third, my subcontractor has documentation on the purchase of the green beans from the farm. But in the end it comes down to taste. If it meets your criteria and desired taste profile.
      Fourth, I normally sell ROASTED beans from the 30 established JBM brands. This is the first time I am selling GREEN BEANS direct from an JBM estate. (With roasted beans as an option from this estate). I will update with documentation and details to get samples. Later in the week. But looking forward to your response.

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