The Fox Drinks: Great Lakes Coffee

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The Handsome Fox

Some mornings call for several cups of coffee. If you find yourself reaching for that extra shot of joe this fine Sunday, make sure it’s the good stuff. The Fox loves to journey down to Midtown Detroit for an excellent pour of Great Lakes Coffee. Here, at the first of now three metro area locations, coffee enthusiasts can get lost in a host of delicious lattes, draught iced coffees, espresso shots and pour over brewed coffees. In addition to testing some of their small-batch roasts they source from independent farmers, co-ops and more – one can enjoy a delicious draught pull of several locally brewed, Michigan beers. Right next to the iced coffee, you will find selections from Jolly Pumpkin, Shorts, Bell’s, Petrus and Dupont on tap. There is a regularly rotating menu of natural wines, small plates and goodies to satiate any hunger pang to come your way.


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