Merry Monday: The Dude, The Fish and Bob Marley edition

Marley and coffee always go together

Ronda Snow


From Modern Oracle Tarot

Bob Marley and The Dude make Mondays like these a little merrier.


My mentor Joy Star taught us about “psychic attention”…if something in a room or on a card when you are doing a reading grabs your attention…especially to an extent over and above the norm…give whatever-it-is the attention it is grabbing. It is a valid, meaningful part of the overall message, roll with it. It’s a very Jungian notion, essentially syncronicity in action. It may be coincidental the whatsis is there, and that it is capturing your attention. When coincidences like that seem meaningful, they are.

That’s how it was with today’s card. Just couldn’t get past the idea of a fish in a cup giving some dude the hairy eyeball. (Anyone else ear-worm-ing on that odd song from the 70s with roly-poly fish heads?)

Some days are just like that. Not that you…

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