Difference between Jamaica Blue Mountain and High Mountain coffee

Simply put Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) is the premium brand and Jamaica High Mountain is the satisfactory brand.
JBM is characterized by a smooth, low acidity and full body. Jamaica High Mountain is characterized by fuller body, chocolately taste with mid (acidity) bitterness.
JBM at $25 per 8oz is basically twice the price of high mountain.
Geographically JBM is grown at an elevation beyond 2,000 ft in the mountain range of the Blue Mountains on the easterly side of Jamaica. Whilst High mountain comes from various areas in the island.
JBM is serious coffee and the microclimate offers that premium super luxury taste that’s renowned globally. That said, High Mountain is the better choice for mixed milk based drinks including cappos, lattes and the sort.




Largest jamaica coffee chain, CAFE BLUE changing cappuccinos?

Cafe Blue, the largest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee chain is contemplating changing its cappuccino preparation and finish, sources say.
It could result in creating a pillowy top on the head compared with the current thick coffee creme head existing (see picture).
The change if ok’d will take effect as early as June 2013.