Jamaica Coffee Festival 2019

Ok, So there the coffee festival planned for the first weekend in March. Interested , well it depends on whether coffee is your love or your money-muse. The first day, March 1 is business Development workshops For Farmers.

Don’t let that deter you. It’s really the perfect day for overseas and locals roasters and traders who want to meet with local farmers and processors. After all we all want the access to the holy grail–Green beans. You can barter with the farmers or play hard ball with the licensed processors. Last year like this year, the farmer workshops happened in the hills of the blue mountains.

So those who need the best beans can take a visit. I doubt there’s an entrance fee like the festival itself on Saturday and Sunday at J$1,500 or about $12 USD.




Jamaica coffee experient

Some coffee companies in the island are innovating. They want to expand the definition of great coffee to include a more fruity taste profile instead of preponderance of chocolate tones. No one will go on the record but expect options that are bursting with fruit to hit shelves within the medium term.


Banksy coffee

OK, you know you are large when websites are putting your work on coffee mugs. This ‘laugh now chimp’ was stenciled in various parts of the UK but now has made its way to a coffee mug hahah.

The Banksy Laugh Now Chimp coffee mug shows a dejected chimpanzee wearing a billboard around its neck with the slogan “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge”. Maybe people buying the mug will see it miraculously shatter before their eyes.

I wonder if Banksy likes Jamaica Blue Mountain in his cup.



Step One – The Begining

Thoughts on success for a successful trader


There are ten pillars on which one must build their foundation on if you are to make it in the third world.  These principles can be applied to citizens of first world countries too, but I will be sharing my experiences from living and growing up in Jamaica which is classified as a third world country.

In this blog I will explore one of these principles every week.  Starting from the beginning of what we need to do first to when we have made it and what to do then.

This week we will start at the beginning.

What is a third world country?

A “Third World” country is defined by investopia.com as a developing nation. According to the website third world countries are largely characterized as poor and underdeveloped. In these countries, low levels of education, poor infrastructure, improper sanitation and poor access to health care, mean living conditions…

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